If Diane Young won’t Change your Mind

by iroqu0ispliskin



The catchiest, most inventive, smartest band of our generation is profoundly uncool.

Every album that Vampire Weekend has committed to record is packed of fantastic songs and sonically different from the one that preceded it. In terms of pop songcraft they are untouchable. Why is it so fashionable to despise them?

I am at a disadvantage here, as I have never understood the desire to castigate music as inauthentic and I have never been cool.  I suppose that subject matter may enter into the equation (we all hate white people, natch), but this ignores the fact that deeply important music has been written about Hobbits. I mean, Vampire Weekend isn’t Dylan, but not everything has to be Dylan.  They’re not Steely Dan, either; those guys couldn’t songwrite their way out of a paper bag.

Diane Young is so self-evidently perfect that I won’t say much about it, except that I really love the part just before the last shout chorus when you can hear him give a sharp intake of breath.